Visit Your Regular Physician to Catch-up on Vaccinations and Well-Child Visits

Posted on: 09/02/2020

There's no doubt about it - raising kids during the pandemic has been challenging. COVID-19 has interrupted and changed our way of life. From managing your child's healthcare and education to working remote, parents are challenged to get it all done. During this time, missed doctor appointments and vaccinations were common and they have left children and their families at risk.

Now with safety measures in place, returning to your child's pediatrician for catch-up care is easier and more important than ever before. This is the time to return to your child's physician to catch-up on past-due vaccinations and well-child visits. Our practice continues to provide you with the best care and service during this challenging time. Call 847-295-1220 for an appointment.

Your Child's Medical Home

Lake Forest Pediatrics is your child's Medical Home. We are here to serve your family at every stage of your child's development with comprehensive care. Our board-certified pediatricians and nurse practitioners know your child's medical history, we provide developmental and mental health screenings, and we consult with you on specialized issues such as depression, ADHD, weight management and adolescent services.

In contrast, pharmacists are not aware of your child's medical history, do not have a long-term trusting relationship with your family, and do not provide comprehensive health services to children. Read the American Academy of Pediatricians' response to the recent move allowing pharmacists to administer vaccines to children ages 3-18 years: HHS action on pharmacy vaccination 'misguided'.

Catch-Up on Vaccines and Well-Child Visits

Now's the time to catch-up on your child's immunizations and well-child visits. Our three convenient offices are open to serve you, with a full range of medical services for all children, ages newborn to 21-years. We're here when you need us, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Call 847-295-1220 for an appointment. We look forward to seeing you!

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