Immunization Schedule Recommended by Lake Forest Pediatrics

Our practice follows the immunization guidelines recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Follow this link to review a copy of our practice’s vaccine policy.

For detailed immunization information from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) please visit or

For a schedule of CDC-recommended vaccinations and the diseases they prevent click here.

Recommended immunizations from birth through 16 years old

For a printable version of this chart, click here to download.

The following schedule has been adopted for patients who are in the practice from birth.

BirthHepatitis B #1
1 MonthHepatitis B #2 (Minimum 28 days after dose #1)
2 MonthsDaPT – IPV – HIB (Pentacel) #1
Prevnar #1
RotaTeq #1*
4 MonthsDaPT – IPV – HIB (Pentacel) #2
Prevnar #2
RotaTeq #2*
6 MonthsDaPT – IPV – HIB (Pentacel) #3
Prevnar #3
RotaTeq #3*
9 MonthsHepatitis B #3
12 MonthsMMR #1
Varivax #1
Prevnar #4
CBC (lead if necessary)
15 MonthsDaPT – IPV – HIB (Pentacel) #4
Hepatitis A #1
18 Months
2 YearsHepatitis A #2
Lead (if necessary)
4 YearsDaPT #5
IPV #4
5 YearsMMR #2
Varivax #2**
CBC, UA (lead if necessary)
11 YearsTdap
Meningococcal #1 (Menactra)
16 YearsMeningococcal #2
16-18YearsMeningococcal B (Bexsero)****

Flu vaccine age 6 months and older per seasonal recommendations.

PPD test if indicated by risk factors.

*RotaTeq should be started at 6-14 weeks of age, given at 2 months, 4 months, 6 months of age and completed by 32 weeks of age.

**Varivax booster recommended for age 5 and can be given at all check-ups thereafter to catch up.

***HPV is given as a 2-dose series (dose #2 given 6-12 months after dose 1) when started before age 15. A 3-dose series (dose #2 is given 1-2 months after first dose, and dose #3 is given 6 months after first dose) is needed for those who start the series at age 15 or older and those with certain immunodeficient conditions.

****Meningococcal B is a 2-dose series. Dose #2 is given at least 1 month after the first dose.

Message to Our Patients

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