FDA Approved COVID Vaccine for Children 6 months+

The FDA and ACIP have authorized the Pfizer BioNtech and Moderna COVID vaccines for children as young as 6 months.

6/21/22 UPDATE: We have begun receiving shipments to all 3 of our offices. We are now accepting appointments beginning Wednesday 6/22.

We will only have the Pfizer BioNtech vaccine in our offices. Vaccines will be given during the normal course of the day, so no special Saturday “COVID Clinic” appointment will be needed.

For the younger children vaccine, there will be 3 doses (instead of the initial 2 for the other ages). Dose 2 will be 3 weeks after the first, and dose 3 will be 8 weeks after the second. There is no booster recommended yet.

It is our recommendation that children receive a COVID vaccine, however we do not have a preference for which one they get. We will, however, only be offering the Pfizer vaccine in our offices.

Thank you!