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  • Do you or your child have any of these symptoms?
    • Cough
    • Fever greater than 100 degrees (Fahrenheit)
    • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
    • New onset of runny nose
    • Muscle or body aches
    • Sore throat
    • New loss of smell or taste
    • Diarrhea
    • Headache
    • Newly developed fatigue
    • Nausea or vomiting
  • Does anyone in your household have COVID-19, or have you or your child been in contact with someone who you know has COVID-19?
  • Is anyone in your household in quarantine due to a possible COVID-19 exposure?
  • Has anyone in your household recently been tested for or is anyone in your household awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test?

If you answer “yes” to any of the above, please contact our office for next steps.

All patients and family members or guardians accompanying a patient to his/her appointment must wear masks in the office.



Quest Diagnostics handles the PCR tests administered in our practice. If you are looking for test results for either your child or yourself, you may use the following options:



The disease in children is generally mild and not unlike the other cold and flu infections you may have helped your children through in the past. Serious complications including the possibility of a post Covid-19 multisystem inflammatory response remain rare.


Any one of the following symptoms in a child can be consistent with Covid-19: runny nose or congestion, headache, sore throat, cough, shortness of breath, fever, fatigue, muscle aches, nausea or vomiting, poor appetite or poor feeding, diarrhea, loss of smell or taste. These symptoms are the same as seen in multiple other infections making it impossible to distinguish who has Covid-19 vs another viral or bacterial infection. Children can also be asymptomatic yet shed the virus and infect others.

Multisystem inflammatory disease is a severe illness marked by high fever and often intense abdominal pain. Patients are often very weak and appear very ill. It is felt to be a complication that arises from an immune reaction several weeks after a Covid -19 infection as patients usually test positive for antibodies to the virus and not the virus itself.


ASYMPTOMATIC CHILDREN- We are NOW able to do asymptomatic screening in our office. The current Waukegan testing site, as well as few others, will also do these tests. Testing sites are available at That page includes the testing criteria for each site.

ILL CHILDREN- Testing has become more available over the past months and is available at our office (as long as our supplies are available) as well as various sites across the county. While having a positive test will not alter any treatment, it has become important as daycare and schools reopen to guide them when an ill child may return. Testing will also become important for contact tracing as that ability increases in the coming months. Our testing supplies are limited by national shortages and we cannot guarantee this ability on any given day but so far, we have been able to obtain them. Supply issues may worsen as the need for testing increases with the reopening of schools and daycares.

A NEGATIVE COVID TEST IS REQUIRED FOR ANY ONE OF THE ABOVE LISTED SYMPTOMS IN ORDER TO RETURN TO SCHOOL OR DAYCARE PER THE ILLINOIS DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH as even very mildly ill children can be positive and can shed virus for up to 10 days even if they have recovered from very brief symptoms. The child and family members should quarantine pending the test results which can take several days. A diagnosis of an ear infection or a positive test for flu or strep throat does NOT rule out Covid-19 as many patients have been found to have both infections at the same time. Covid-19 testing and quarantine are still needed even with these diagnoses. There will be VERY few children that can be sent back to school or daycare with an alternative diagnosis and no Covid-19 test. We understand this will be frustrating for families but the public health department feels this if the best way to keep our schools and daycares safe and open.

QUICK TESTS- We offer in-office same day test for Covid-19. The test we offer is the BD Veritor rapid antigen test (as long as our supplies continue). This gives a result in about 30 minutes and can be used for most symptomatic children. It is less accurate for asymptomatic screening or when symptoms have been present for more than 5 days. Some schools and exposure situations require the PCR test, which we send to Quest Diagnostics, which has a turnaround time of 3-8 days, depending on their backlog at the time.

While the rapid test is not as accurate as the PCR test, the ID specialists at Lurie Children’s feel it is a reliable test in children as they have higher viral loads than adults. In certain, higher-risk situations, a backup PCR test may be recommended if the antigen test is negative.

IMMUNITY TESTS- If we knew contracting Covid-19 would give you lifelong immunity to this virus, an accurate verified test to see if you are immune would be extremely useful to us all. Unfortunately, all the tests have some false negative and false positive rates and may cross-react with other strains of coronaviruses. We also do not know if these antibodies we are testing for are the ones that give you immunity and even if they are, we do not know how long that immunity will last. Immunity to some of the other strains of coronavirus shows immunity starting to decrease after about 4 months with no immunity remaining after several years. We also do not know what level of antibodies will give you protection-you may test positive for a low level that will not protect you.

As we learn more and verify some of these tests, they will at first be helpful when testing large numbers of people to have a rough idea of how many people have been infected in a given area. Until we know a lot more, they will not be helpful for a given individual and we are not recommending them.


We now have adequate PPE in our office and can see sick children. In order to keep staff and patients safe we have instituted separate procedures for sick children and have them wait in their cars until their room is ready. They then enter the building through a separate entrance than well children do. These hours are currently at the end of each morning and the end of each afternoon in Lake Bluff and Lindenhurst. Vernon Hills currently is well visits only but will offer late a.m. ill appointments and early evening well visits starting in early October. Illness hours will be expanded as needed once we are into cold/flu season. THERE IS NO SICK CALL WALK IN HOUR and we do not expect to be able to have one in the foreseeable future. Testing is available at our office but is not guaranteed due to national shortages of supplies.

We are taking numerous precautions to protect your well child while visiting the office. We are contacting each patient shortly before their appointment to assure no one is ill in any way nor been exposed to anyone with Covid-19. We are asking that only one parent and no siblings come in with the child if possible. Our waiting areas have adequate spacing for social distancing.

Sick patients will wait in their cars until their rooms are ready and enter the office through a separate entrance. Rooms are being thoroughly wiped down between all patients. Providers will be wearing gloves, masks, gowns and goggles where appropriate with ill children to prevent any spread of the virus.

Well visits are considered essential care and we especially do not want anyone to fall behind on their immunizations. We are seeing all ages in all of our offices. Well visits will be either at a separate time of day or in a separate area of the office than ill children. Weekend appointments are available and we will also begin to have some early evening well appointments starting in October at our Vernon Hills office Monday through Thursday.

Happy Holidays! Special Office Hours

Happy Holidays from all of us at Lake Forest Pediatric Associates! May this holiday season be filled with warmth and togetherness!

We are here to serve your family throughout the holiday season. Please make a note of our special holiday office hours.

Holiday Office Hours 2020

Doctor Visits Allowed by Illinois Shelter-in-Place Order

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Status: live

Doctor visits ARE allowed by Illinois’ Shelter-in-Place Order. Just as the Order allows for visits to the grocery store, pharmacy, gas station, and other essential services, you are allowed to visit your doctor’s office. Our offices are open to serve you and will continue to be open.

Please view our recent blog article Modified Office Schedule and Processes for current office hours and processes. 

In addition, we are working to expand services to telehealth visits for several types of appointments in the coming days. Please continue to check our website and social media profiles for news.

Labor Day Office Hours

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Happy Labor Day Weekend!

We are here to serve you, with regular office hours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

On Monday, September 7th, our Lake Bluff office will be open from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm for urgent care only. NO walk-in sick call will be available. The Vernon Hills and Lindenhurst offices will be closed on Labor Day.

Replace Nebulizers with Inhaler and Spacer

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Nebulizers have been shown to aerosolize respiratory droplets and COVID-19, so it is recommended to use a metered dose inhaler with a spacer instead. This method is safe and effective to use in all ages, even infants.

If you only have a nebulizer at home and need an inhaler and spacer for your child, please call the office at 847-295-1220.

If your child is being seen in the office for respiratory symptoms and has a history of asthma or wheezing, please bring your child’s inhaler and spacer to the appointment.

Temporary Outage

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UPDATE: All phone and email systems are now fully functional. Thanks again for your patience! Feel free to access the portal and contact us by phone or email with any needs.

Please note that our systems are down temporarily. We will notify you when our phone and email systems are functional again.

If you need to make a future appointment or to access the portal, please try again tomorrow.

For urgent matters, please send a private message to us on Facebook and a team member will call you. Please include your phone number, child’s name and date of birth in your message.

Thank you for your patience.

Dr. Bauer Assisting at Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital

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As many of you may know, Dr. Michael Bauer has been working part-time in an administrative role with Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital.

Starting on March 23, 2020, Dr. Bauer will be taking a leave of absence from Lake Forest Pediatrics. On that date, he will begin working full-time at Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital to help combat the challenging COVID-19 pandemic.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call our office at 847-295-1220.

Visit Your Regular Physician to Catch-up on Vaccinations and Well-Child Visits

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Status: live

There’s no doubt about it – raising kids during the pandemic has been challenging. COVID-19 has interrupted and changed our way of life. From managing your child’s healthcare and education to working remote, parents are challenged to get it all done. During this time, missed doctor appointments and vaccinations were common and they have left children and their families at risk.

Now with safety measures in place, returning to your child’s pediatrician for catch-up care is easier and more important than ever before. This is the time to return to your child’s physician to catch-up on past-due vaccinations and well-child visits. Our practice continues to provide you with the best care and service during this challenging time. Call 847-295-1220 for an appointment.

Your Child’s Medical Home

Lake Forest Pediatrics is your child’s Medical Home. We are here to serve your family at every stage of your child’s development with comprehensive care. Our board-certified pediatricians and nurse practitioners know your child’s medical history, we provide developmental and mental health screenings, and we consult with you on specialized issues such as depression, ADHD, weight management and adolescent services.

In contrast, pharmacists are not aware of your child’s medical history, do not have a long-term trusting relationship with your family, and do not provide comprehensive health services to children. Read the American Academy of Pediatricians’ response to the recent move allowing pharmacists to administer vaccines to children ages 3-18 years: HHS action on pharmacy vaccination ‘misguided’.

Catch-Up on Vaccines and Well-Child Visits

Now’s the time to catch-up on your child’s immunizations and well-child visits. Our three convenient offices are open to serve you, with a full range of medical services for all children, ages newborn to 21-years. We’re here when you need us, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Call 847-295-1220 for an appointment. We look forward to seeing you!

Flu Clinics Available

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UPDATE 10-13-2020

We have received a shipment of our flu vaccine and have resumed booking flu shot appointments. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Please call 847-295-1220 for an appointment.

UPDATE: 10-7-2020

The good news is that people are getting their influenza (flu) shots this year. The bad news is that flu vaccine supplies have run short and the vaccine manufacturer Sanofi is behind on vaccine deliveries to health care providers, including Lake Forest Pediatric Associates.

We ordered over 10,000 flu shots for this fall, but due to the manufacturer’s distribution issues, we’ve received a limited number of flu vaccine doses. Because of this, flu vaccine appointments are NOT currently available at our offices. When additional vaccines have been received (hopefully soon) and we can resume scheduling flu vaccine appointments, we will post about it on our website and social media profiles.


With Flu Season coming on the heels of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever to do what we can to reduce the spread of these respiratory illnesses. Flu (Influenza) Season typically occurs in the Fall and Winter, sometimes extending into the Summer months. Influenza is a contagious respiratory illness that can cause mild to severe illness, sometimes resulting in hospitalization and even death. Learn more about the flu here.

Flu vaccines protect against the three or four flu viruses that are expected to be most common that season. Because of their beneficial effects, flu vaccines are recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and CDC for everyone 6 months of age and older. For more information about flu vaccines, read this recent article from CDC: Frequently Asked Influenza (Flu) Questions: 2020-2021 Season.

Get the Flu Vaccine at your Child’s Medical Home

Lake Forest Pediatrics offers the flu vaccine to our patients through our Annual Fall Flu Clinics. Please call us at 847-295-1220 to make your child’s appointment. Read about the importance of visiting your regular physician for vaccinations and well-child visits here.

The health and safety of our patients, their parents, and our staff is our primary concern. For the sake of everyone’s safety, we’re modifying the flow of patients in our offices to accommodate the flu clinics. Read about the safety measures in place at all Lake Forest Pediatrics’ offices, including social distancing and mask wearing, and view our screening processes on our website home page.

We Now Offer Telemedicine Visits

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Lake Forest Pediatrics is pleased to announce that we will now be offering telemedicine visits!

We can provide telemedicine services for your child for issues such as rash, conjunctivitis (pinkeye), allergies, styes, ear pain, vomiting/diarrhea, lacerations (to figure out if your child needs stitches!), or if your child has a cough and you’d like us to assess his/her breathing or have questions.

When contacting our office, our staff will ask you some follow-up questions in order to determine if a telemedicine visit is an appropriate option for your child.

If your child is scheduled with a specific provider, you will be sent an email with the website to go to at the time of your child’s appointment. If your appointment is during our telehealth “sick call” in the afternoon, you will be called by the provider with their website when they are ready to see your child. Please use a computer or device (such as a smartphone) with a good internet connection and webcam, and use an up to date version of Chrome or Firefox. Here is a video that demonstrates how to check in to your provider’s virtual waiting room: If you run into issues connecting, restart your computer/device or check out

In consenting to a telemedicine visit, you agree to:

•Login when instructed by your provider with your child nearby. We can better assess your child if you are in a well-lit area. If possible, please have a flashlight on hand (you can also use the one on your phone).

•Check and record your child’s temperature and weight prior to the appointment. If your child has respiratory symptoms and you have access to a pulse oximeter, please also check this vital sign.

•You understand that a telemedicine cannot fully replace an in-office visit. You understand and accept the limitations associated with a telemedicine visit.

•You consent to treatment via the telemedicine platform.

•Please note that if the visit goes toward patient responsibility (deductible/coinsurance), our regular financial policies will apply regarding payments.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to call the office.

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